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more writers...

also on the list for consideration is

Walter Benjamin
The Work of Art in the Age of Its Technological Reproducibility

for it is in the power to access reproduction that the intensified power of the communication designer lies. It takes them, as authors, beyond the power of the everyday. Reproduction also divorces comm designers from an inate ability to intuit the impact of their own work, the power of reproduction is explosive, uncontrollable and yet not flagged as 'dangerous'.

Pardon this analogy but it helps me... when one is snorkeling then it is OK to dive, it is OK to do whatever you want, you lungs tell you when you are running out of air and in danger, they give one direct signals 'I need more air'... contrast this to Scuba, a technologically enabled activity, where there are no 'natural' warning signals... we don't 'know' when we are underwater too long, or too deep, or when we are coming up too fast.. the body doesn't report this as pain or in any way. We have to be rationally aware of these issues and carry with us devices which remind us of these dangers... thus with communication design and reproduction, suddenly we extend ourselves, through media, out 1000 fold, or 100,000 fold... our impact can be immense yet our sense of 'danger' is still that of the snorkeler.

and also his
Arcades Project
....which was one of the books I looked into during my masters. I wanted to go into it more and this was one of the things which made me first start to think about continuing study into doctoral level...