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more writers, thinkers, makers


Gordon Pask,
and his work on cybernetics... since it seems to connect strongly to design and design process... it doesn't oversimplify and it is not overly interested in problem-solving but more interested in 'what design does other than problem-solve'

and of course
Ranulph Glanville
is a cybernetician... and he writes about design in a way that seems to connect to my ontological foundations...

not that I'm particularly looking for someone to connect to, so someone like Cross would be good to look at too...
Nigel Cross
or even
Per Mollerup

perhaps even
Herbert Simon...

also, I got some feedback on the New Views 2 submission... it was OK, actually it was good feedback and I wanted to ring up the anonymous reviewer and thank them for their input...

they pointed me to

E T Gendlin

and his work on Phenomenology and 'thinking at the edge (TAE)' since it deals with the investigation of previously ineffable things... he's developed his 'focusing' technique that promises to make the inexpressible, expressible...

the reviewer also pointed me at


who talk about metaphors and their connection to how we (unconsciously) use them to speak and constuct our thoughts, etc... this work might be useful to help explain the possibility of a altered description of design...

and then I think of someone else, someone very important who I have missed out up to now...

John Thackara

Peter Downton

Theodor Adorno

Michel Foucault

Ivan Illich

Nicolas Bourriard